Pro Con List for All Wedding Seasons in Texas

Pro Con List for Wedding Seasons in Texas

Spring (March - May)


  • Mild, pretty weather

    • If you want an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, springtime is hard to beat in Texas.  Outdoor photo sessions are also much more pleasant in good weather.

  • Wildflowers and lush greens galore

    • Wildflower bouquet, yes?  Get ready for the ultimate bluebonnet photo opp!  Other popular flowers are in season, too, meaning better floral prices.


  • Expensive

    • Many Texas / southern venues increase their prices starting in March (although some have started the increase in late February).

  • High demand for Saturday dates

    • Vendors tend to book up solid in the spring months, increasing demand and prices.  Start looking for your top-three wish list vendors ASAP if getting married in the spring.

  • Watch out for spring break and religious holidays.

    • Spring break can be both a pro and a con.  If you have people traveling, it can help with their vacation days.  However if your honeymoon falls within spring break, expect higher prices for your flights and hotels.

  • Pro-tip: check daylight savings time for your date.  Keep daylight hours in mind when setting your day-of timeline.

Summer (June - August)


  • Moderate venue and vendor prices

    • After the busy spring season weddings are over in Texas, venues tend to lower prices for the hot summer months.  If you’re looking for an indoor wedding (like a ballroom), you’ll have better summer pricing. Venues north of Dallas, read: not-as-hot summers, will have high pricing well into the summer.

  • Brightly-colored fruits and sunny flowers are in season

    • If you’re looking for punchy colors, summer is your jam!

  • Lots of daylight

    • More daylight hours means that you can push your wedding ceremony time to later in the evening - which gives you more time to set up for the event.


  • Texas heat isn’t a joke, y’all.

    • If you want that outdoor wedding, please state that the dress code involves swimsuits and flip flops.  Even quick 15-minute ceremonies feel decades long when it’s 90+ degrees outside.

  • Schedule around everyone’s summer vacation

    • Family and friends will have summer vacations.  If you really want particular people in attendance, check with their schedules before you fix a wedding date.  If you’re one of the lucky ones with summers off, this might be a pro for you.

Fall (September - November)


  • Gorgeous weather

    • Usually the best weather in Texas hits in October or November.  The welcome cooler temps are excellent for getting married under the stars and throwing an outdoor party.

  • Fall excitement

    • After sweating it out for months, everyone is ready for all the pumpkin-spiced things and warm fuzzies - it’s the perfect time to introduce a cozy fire pit and s’mores at a reception.


  • Peak vendor prices

    • Especially in Austin, this is high high season for vendors.  Venues, florists, photographers, you name it, tend to book up faster for this time of year than any other time.  Sometimes, vendors are booked more than a year out. Book your top-three wish list vendors ASAP.

  • Saturdays are in high demand

    • See point above.  Put “booking a venue” at the tippy-top of your wedding to-do list.

  • Watch out for football season (and holidays)

    • Even if you aren’t a good ol’ southern football-loving fan, you better expect your guests to be upset if they are missing THE football matchup of the season for your wedding (Texas A&M vs. ‘Bama, anyone?).

  • Pro-tip reminder: check daylight savings time for your date.  If the venue won’t let you in until 5pm to decorate and the sun sets at 6pm, it makes for a tight outdoor photography timeline.

Winter (December - February)


  • Cheapest time for the majority of venues

    • If you’re on a super tight budget but want the big reception, aim for a winter wedding date to save serious cash.

  • Free decorations

    • If you’re looking to score free/already-decorated venues, check December out.  Some venues decorate for the holidays and leave it up for weddings. This might be a con for you if sparkling Christmas trees aren’t your version of a wedding winter wonderland.


  • Cold weather

    • December can be the sweet spot between fall and winter in Texas but lookout for January and February temperatures.  If you have dreams of a fluffy coat over your wedding dress, a winter wedding might be your best match!

  • Dodging the holiday season

    • A NYE midnight wedding is an exception to the cheap winter venue rule - it’s often one of the most expensive days to get married.  If your wedding date creeps close to December holidays, your guests might already be booked.


What’s your favorite wedding season?!