How to Plan a Wedding with Google Drive

How to Plan a Wedding with Google Drive

Is Google Drive the new wedding binder?  I’m voting heck yes.  You can picture my face with heart-eyes right now.  I use it for everything from storing recipes, to trip planning, to backing up documents...but my real love affair with Drive starting when I was planning my wedding.  Here are some reasons why Google Drive is so dang amazing for planning a wedding.

A sparkly new joint email with Gmail

To get started, create a new email that you can share with your soon-to-be spouse.  You can send all wedding-related emails from this account. Because you and your boo share the email, no one will get dropped off of an email chain.  There’s also one spot to search for emails if you can’t remember what has been sent or not.

It’s easy to get uber-organized with your emails, too.  Create a new label/category for each vendor type to make it a calk walk to find correspondence.

A Calendar dedicated to your wedding  

Easily schedule vendor meetings, payment deadlines, and reminders from Google Calendar.  You can link this calendar to your phones or to your other gmail accounts.

Don’t forget about scheduling a honeymoon!  That’s always a fun one to add to the calendar.

Store EVERYTHING on Google Drive

When you create a new email, you also get 15 free GBs of storage on Google Drive.  15 GB! It’s plenty of room to house all the planning spreadsheets and your wedding contracts.  The best part is that you can access your documents from any computer, tablet, phone, Mac or PC.  

You can use Google Sheets on Drive to create one heck of a planning spreadsheet.  I wanted something automated - if I added 10 wedding guests, I wanted to instantly see how that would change my budget.  A binder with pencil and paper wasn’t going to cut it for me, ain’t nobody got time for erasing and recalculating. After lots of searching, testing out different spreadsheets, and trying to tweak them myself, I decided to create one from scratch!  I’m getting ready to share my spreadsheet baby with everyone super soon!

You’ll have access to all of your documents from anywhere!  Have I said that already? If you have a tablet, you can tote that along to your vendor meetings to compare other contracts (way better than toting a big ol’ binder).  You can also access documents easily from your phone. Long story short, you’ll never be without all of your valuable planning information. *cough*at-work-planning*cough*

It’s also easy to share files with others on Google Drive.  I used Google Docs and Sheets to plan my bachelorette party, send out a day-of timeline, and plan the pants off of a fabulous honeymoon.  

Guess where my wedding photos are stored?  Yep, Google Drive. I uploaded my full-resolution digitals to a folder on our joint email’s Google Drive.  It’s a super simple way to share photos with family members AND keep a backup of your priceless photos. Win-win.

Side note: Google Photos is also a good place to store wedding photos.  You can ask family members to upload to a shared photo album to grab all of the wedding outtakes.

I still use our joint email created for our wedding to this day.  My husband and I used it for house-hunting, our fur-baby’s vet appointments, and bills (exciting, I know).  If you haven’t thought of using Google for all your wedding planning needs, you should definitely consider it!  Heart-eye emojis all around.

Have you used Google Drive in the past? Let me hear your love/hate stories!