How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue - Part 2

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue Part 2

If you missed the first part of this series, check it out here.

Schedule a tour with your favorite 2-4 venues

Pick 2 to 4 venues to visit in a day and schedule tours with your fiance.  I found that 4 venues in a single day was my max - any more than that and it all started to run together.  And you might get hangry…*smiles*

You can space out venue tours over a few weekends if you need to!  It’s hard to get a venue tour on a Saturday because that’s the most popular day for weddings.

Create a list of questions

Before you head out, create a list of questions to ask during the tour.  With your questions already prepared, you can enjoy the tour without stressing that you’ll forget to ask about their vague catering policy.


You’ve done your homework, now have fun!  Make sure your phone has plenty of room for photos (you know my love for Google Photos is strong)!

Ask questions as they pop up and take notes.  You’ll have time at the end of the tour to pull out your list and make sure nothing was missed.

Pro-tip: Ask for the venue’s preferred vendor list (most will have one).  This is a great place to start looking for vendors after you book a date.

Sleep on it

If you fall in love with a venue, most places will take a deposit to secure a date.  I recommend sleeping on your decision (especially if it’s the last venue of the day and everything is hazy).  If you feel just as excited the next morning, book it (yayyyy!!!)!

Pro-tip: it’s a good idea to check with your immediate family and potential wedding party members before you book a date.

Pop that champagne, you have a wedding date!!!

Start all the countdowns!  The hardest part of wedding planning (in my honest little opinion) is DONE.

How’s it going with your venue search?!