Perhaps you're the first of your close friends to tackle planning a wedding, or the first of your family to get married or - gah - both (I’m over here, waving at you!).

You have a vision for your wedding and a “you’ve got this” outlook for wedding planning.  You set a rough budget, started googling reception venues like a boss, and scooped up a handful of wedding magazines.  Yeah!

...and suddenly the budget is blown, there are SO many details to consider (who even knows what Chiavari chairs are, and why are they so dang expensive?!), and you’re completely overwhelmed and feeling alone.  You’re hustling with a full-time job and ain’t nobody got time for all this.

Girl, I GET IT.  I’ve totally been there...meltdowns and all.



I’m Katie Sinclair and I’m obsessed with helping busy go-getters plan their dream wedding, stress-free and under-budget.

If you feel like there’s got to be a better way than doodling in a wedding binder and saying a prayer for it to all come together under budget - there is!  

I scoured the internet while planning my own wedding for the best resources and found that nothing quite fit what I wanted to do.

I read all the big wedding website blogs but no one really went in-depth about their wedding details.  Or if they did, it typically involved couples that had an unlimited budget, time, or both. I didn’t have a married sister or best friend to turn to and ask the hard questions.

How much did every little thing cost?  Why did you do XYZ a certain way?

Nope, I was flying solo for my wedding.  

So I made my own wedding planning spreadsheet to automate all things.  I kept track of all the budget numbers. And in the end, my wedding day was hands-down the ABSOLUTE BEST day of my life.  I’ll help you get there too, pinky promise.

A few non-wedding-related things about me… I love creating!  Painting is my jam, especially bright punchy flowers - you can take a peek of my work here.  You can usually find me doodling with a glass of champagne and some cheese when I’m not working as a full-time Architect.  

I have a somewhat unhealthy addition to Google Sheets - I literally use them for everything.  Trip planning? Yep. House shopping tool? Definitely. I’ve even used them to price and compare artificial Christmas trees (feel free to judge - I love my sheets, okay?! And I got a darn good tree out of it, ha.).

I have an amazing husband and the cutest rescue pup.  I’m a pro at putting Ikea furniture together and find the process so fun!  I love exploring new restaurants and things to do in my hometown, Houston.

Check out the blog for tips and tricks for planning!  I have some pretty sweet free resources to help get you out of the planning funk and back into having fun.  My sanity-saving wedding planning spreadsheet is coming soon to the site - and I’m so excited to share it with you.  If you’d like to be notified when it hits the digital shelf, sign up below!